1. A Seven-Level World View and
2. Studies of Economic Change

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Idea, content, concept, and programming of this website by R. H. G. Einert.

Translation from German into English by R. H. G. Einert.


Ralf Einert
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Legal Hints

As the author has translated the homepage from German into English by himself the German version is relevant.

The English version of the legal hints reflects only the basic ideas.

§ 1: Dissociation: Links to websites, which do not belong to the author, are social networks as XING or Facebook, platforms for artists as Artflake or MyGall, and others as Youtube or others.

§ 2: The author expects that the content of these websites is serious.

§ 3: Copyright: All rights reserved.

§ 4: Data Protection: Personal data are not collected on this website.

§ 5: It has to be considered that the use of the "like-buttons" of social networks like Facebook or Google includes the option to send data of the registered users to the social networks.

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