Ralf Einert


Studies of Economic Change

The author:   Creative periods

      2012       Exhibition: "Galerie ZeitZone" in Berlin

      2011       Guest in "Rainers Magazin" on "ALEX - Offener Kanal Berlin"

      2010       Finishing two 2 ebooks

      2009       Exhibition: "k-salon" in Berlin

      2008       Animation of "The Voyage through the Universe"

      2007       Opening an office in the creative industry

      2006       Lecture in the "LaLuz" in Berlin

      2003       Outdoor art performance on a billboard at the "Potsdamer Platz" in Berlin

      2003       Building up a website (www.der-weltgeist.com)

1997 - 2002   Artistic design of a seven-level world view

1994 - 1997   Preparation of studies of economic change

      1990       Research project of the possibility of the reduction of the hours worked

      1982       Inspiration by a book about the vision of working 25 hours a week

      1974       Sense of an indefinite discomfort with the economic structures