Ralf Einert


Studies of Economic Change


The "Studies of Economic Change" are divided into theory and practice. The practical part is described by chapter 1 to 9. From each chapter the fundamentals of practical action can be derived from. These fundamentals are summarised to a system of goals. Finally a list of measures is proposed as solution while considering the conflicts of goals.

The following chapters are looking for the evidence and the consequences of the theses that ...

1. the economic growth is determined by the "law" of diminishing marginal utility and
2. the labour productivity is influenced by the idea of the evolutions theory.

From these studies a system of goals is derived from which contains the necessity of ...

1. increasing the wages and
2. reducing the hours worked.

Therefore it should be shown that ...

1. there are wrong interpretations of economic statements and
2. profit maximising by increasing the hours worked is stupid.

Theses at the beginning

Theses at the beginning