Ralf Einert

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A Seven-Level World View

Scientific Study

How is the binary code connected with scientific studies?

Scientific studies therefore are the foundation of the second level of the Seven-Level World View.

Pieces of information and its relation among each other constitute scientific studies with a complexity below the complexity of sciences. Such studies are complex enough to make decision-relevant statements for academic subjects to solve specific problems of human concern.

The artificial accessories represent

The artificial realization of scientific studies could represent any studies from any sciences. The author selected two of his studies as example which are put on the top of each other.

The selected studies are about the impact of high and low wages on the economy from two different perspectives. Both perspectives state that high and low wages lead to a positive feedback: High wages enable high wages and low wages enforce low wages. High wages and short working hours lead to a situation of maximum welfare in a leisure-oriented society. Please find more information about this banal and absurd statement in the economic part of this website www.der-weltgeist.de ("THE WORLD SPIRIT") in: Chapter 6 (Wage Spiral) and Chapter 8 (Labour Market).

Perspective 1: Example of a studie about positive and negative wage spirals

Studie about positive and negative wage spirals

Perspective 2: Example of a studie about the impact of wages on the labour market

Studie about the impact of wages on the labour market