Ralf Einert


A Seven-Level World View


The seven levels form a circle which enables an endless "Voyage through the Universe".

A Seven-Level World View

1. Binary Code, 2. Scientific Study, 3. Science, 4. System of Science, 5. History Course, 6. Wordl Spirit, 7. Universe

A Seven-Level-World View

The process of gaining knowledge is a moral duty to create a world of humanity. Therefore:

It is a sin against the creation if your do not spend
your income and property on the public welfare.

The World Spirit over the time

Over the time the seven levels and the world view where transformed from an analog to a digital image. This process is made visible by the enclosed pictures. Left before and right after.

The Binary Code:

The Binary Code: old vs new

A Scientific Study:

A Scientific Study: old vs new

A Science:

A Science: old vs new

The System of Science:

The System of Science: old vs new

The History Course:

The History Course: old vs new

The World Spirit:

The World Spirit: old vs new

The Universe:

The Universe: old vs new

The Seven-Level World View:

The Seven-Level World View: old vs new