Ralf Einert


A Seven-Level World View


The sum of scientific studies and their relations among each other constitute a science.

The artificial realization of sciences could represent any sciences. A selection has to be done:

The economic policy is able to contribute substantially to the solution of all unsolved social problems according to the globalization of the world economy. As a part of the system of science the economic studies are helpful to transform theory into practical actions.

Astonishingly the economic measures of the industrialized countries with a minimum level of social responsibility do not lead to get over the declining growth rates of the growth domestic product in the long term. Consequently the reduction of the unemployment rate is not very likely in the near future. The actual decrease of the unemployment rate is by the way caused by the increase of minor employment and the high dependence on exports. According to the increasing productivity rates it is expected that the living conditions are improving. In fact life is getting harder. The economic equilibrium theory does not confirm with our observations. Consequently there is a incongruence between our perception and our thoughts and this is Arthur Schopenhauser's definition of his theory of laughableness.

This is why the economic equilibrium theory is the cause for the major social problems as unemployment, debts, crime, idiocy, poverty, and war. Consequently this theory has to be replaced by a paradigm shift. This shift should have a Copernican extent as Copernicus has falsified the geocentric system or Immanuel Kant has changed the fundamentals of knowledge gaining. Therefore an economic change is needed.

The insistence of existing doctrines is caused by the blockade of thinking of experts. This is a consequence of habits because they offer security and orientation. But the steady change of the environment requires the continuous adjustment of our actions and their theoretical foundation. But the majority opinion is based on wrong assumptions and preconditions. Only if this is becoming aware it is possible to break the blockade of thinking. Then it is possible to work on new economic fundamentals which enable the formulations of economic rules to optimize the allocation of the resources. How this can be done is described in level 5:

The process of knowledge gaining equals a labyrinth in which someone is lost who dares to enter ... .

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