Ralf Einert

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A Seven-Level World View

Science: Evidence

This picture does not belong to the seven levels.

It should give therefore an idea about having an access to the circle as this world view has also a scientific character.

Scientific studies usually start with the setting of tasks. But scientific work with the aim to cross boundaries cannot always be done by following rules. Following rules implies linear thinking. Linear thinking limits the mental horizon without any needs which leads to the option to get lost in details and prohibits a global view.

At the beginning was an unspecific discomfort about the economic and social rules. This discomfort became more and more specific during the process of knowledge gaining. Random hypotheses and pre-judices were the result. Pre-judices are judgements without a rational proof but they must not be wrong. By systematic and scientific analyses the statements became increasingly concrete.

This process is symbolised by sentences which are placed criss-cross and highlighted yellow. Then theories are helpful to filter the statements which can be structured further by using the methods of the system theory. Furthermore mathematical and logical models can verify and falsify the hypotheses.

The actual situation of the society shows that there are needs for actions. Examples are the high unemployment rate, the youth without any perspectives, the neglect of the educational system and the expansion of slums in the suburbs. This might be caused by declining economic growth and increasing labour productivity rates. The solution is to establish incentives to reduce the hours worked and to increase the wages.

There seem to be three alternatives to react to the psychological pressure of those people who are excluded from the use of the social structures:

The pictures contains following statements:

The productivity increases according to the idea of the evolution theory,
the belief in the hereafter causes political frustration of the youth,
income four times the amount of the minimum wage is based on the exploitation of the social structures,
under given circumstances cuts in social services equals abolishing solidarity and Christian values,
the wages must be high,
protection of pensions versus the future of the youth,
the contract of the generations must be terminated,
economic growth is slowing down because of the "law" of diminishing marginal utility,
the selection of professionals and managers in business, science, and politics is a national disaster,
the working hours must be reduced,
high taxes do not matter,
deregulation does not generate jobs,
the theories about economic equilibrium are wrong,
unemployed are systematically excluded from the use of the social structures,
it is necessary to sustain to illusion of the achievement principle because of pedagogical reasons,
tax reductions accelerate the social disintegration,
systematic stultification of the people by official statistics,
the increase of the labour force participation of the 15 to 65 year olds ensures the retirement pays,
it is a misbelief to assume that wage dumping generates jobs,
the given economic rules implicate the possibility of social riots,
only innovations and productivity can maintain the international competition in the medium-term - not wage dumping,
to earn a profit requires the use of the social structures,
innovations causes unemployment - but: innovations contribute to international competition.

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