Ralf Einert


A Seven-Level World View

World View: Deities and Religions

After all seven levels of the world view were presented and
before a whole summary is offered to the user of this website
the idea of an endless spirit as a basis of this work is designed.

Human beings as limited spirits are systematically cut of from the point of view of God. This mean that nobody can claim God dictated anything to him or her. Consequently are the deities who are perceived by humans necessarily only an image of a hidden power or an endless spirit. The prism of the white light should stand as an analogy for this.

The listing of deities in the picture is not a final system of deities and represents only the narrow horizon of the author concerning religion. So anyone who realizes mistakes and feels therefore offended by his or her religious beliefs should consider that the emphasis of this topic is the artificial representation of deities within the "Seven-Level World View".

The work implies a god.
But a benevolent deity would not be easily offended
by the fact that we do not need him because the
regress to him opens the option of totalitarianism.


It is a sin to claim to talk in the name of God.