Ralf Einert

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A Seven-Level World View


According to the worrying development of the global economy and policy there is a lack of new views of the world. Contrary to the popular beliefs the author is convinced that a lack of technical innovations is not the major problem. Adjustments of the social structures and rules promise much more effective contributions to solve the actual crisis. To cure the symptoms is not enough as the industrialized countries have entered another phase in their economic life cycle in which different economic laws are in effect. Other perspectives on the world can even help to find new principles for the solution of the social and economic problems.

This part is the artificial transformation of a philosophical idea to a world view containing seven levels as a trial to explain the universe. The world view exceed boundaries: It combines science and art, theory and practice, as well as philosophy and economics. The world view offers a new perspective on gods and deities or in other words on an endless spirit. Each level can be thought as circle. All levels together form a circle as well and therefore lead to the infinity resp. to the "Voyage through the Universe".

You will find the following levels of the universe:

the placement of one and nothing resp. zero in the binary code,
the placement of the binary code in scientific studies,
the placement of scientific studies in sciences,
the placement of sciences in the system of science,
the placement of the system of science in the history course,
the placement of the history course in the world spirit,
the placement of the world spirit in the universe and last but not least
the circle: "The universe thought as binary code equals information if structure assigns itself significance."

The "World Spirit" is an offer of the artist to his contemporaries to open their minds to new thoughts.

It is not important if the content is right or wrong.
It is instead the matter if this imagination of the universe could be accepted as true.
It is therefore a question of belief.