Ralf Einert

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A Seven-Level World View

Usage Hints

Writing is linear. But only one-dimensional systems are linear.

Possible world views are indeed complex systems therefore multi-dimensional.

This subject is complex because it shows a possible world view consisting of seven levels which are linked together. The use of links enables the user to click through all levels in different ways. Trial and error is one option to get accustomed to the main ideas of this subject.

The precondition to get an impression of the concept of the whole system is the understanding of the details. The details on the other hand are only understandable with the global idea of the system. In this respect recognition is an alternating or hermeneutic process between the elements and the whole system.

At the beginning it is therefore advisable for the interested user to get through the subject page by page using the buttons "next page" or "previous page" integrated in the navigation on the bottom left to get a first impression. Then you can start to use different links to change between the seven levels. For that you can click either on the links integrated in the images or the navigation on the bottom left. It is possible to change between the images and their explanations as well. The structure of the website should be self-explanatory: The chapters are placed on the top. The subchapters are placed on the left hand side. One highlight of this subject is the abstract of the animation of the "Voyage through the Universe" which is placed at the end.

The 3rd level allows to give an impression of one possible entry in the entire system.

The 7th level shows all systems as summary and the interpretation of the rule of an endless spirit.

He who has found the website by incident can leave out the strenuous studies page by page and start with the use of the links. Doing this the "Seven-Level World View" can be consumed as art. You could at least get a vague impression of the complexity of the universe and the social structures. And this can also be a lot.