Ralf Einert


A Seven-Level World View


"Not to the temporaries, not to the compatriots, - to the mankind I will hand out my completed work" [translated by the author]. There might not exist a better preface than these words written by Arthur Schopenhauer in his book "The World as Will and Representation". But for the understanding of this subject it is not necessary to be familiar with the ideas of Immanuel Kant as Arthur Schopenhauer expects it for his own work. The precondition for using this website is only to have general interest in philosophical and social politics as well as the willingness to try hard to understand the substantial structures. The intelligence of an average educated human should suffice.

But depending on the presuppositional knowledge in subjects as philosophy or system theory more detailed and different meanings and interpretations might occur to the user:

Someone who is not able to understand the main ideas by reading or having an alert eye on the pictures might find the subject or its parts aesthetically or might classify it as strange contemporary art. Someone else might be able to identify the basic relations between and within the different levels. A third person might meanwhile reveal subtle different options to interpret the content concerning subjects as philosophy of science or economic policy.

This work was created without institutional integration of the author. Therefore it could be extended to a widespread and holistic system without any restrictions or narrow-minded limitations. But it is expected that only studies which are published by institutions and organizations are perceived by the public. But Arthur Schopenhauer already wrote many decades ago that the precondition to take advantage of organizational structures is limited to follow material interests and to take part in party politics. This hampers the open-minded ability of understanding as only things are of value which are pursued for their own sake. This is the dilemma of this work. As it is developed outside the business like academic life it is free of compromises. But without institutional integration a public perception is unlikely. Nevertheless it would be a success even if only one human is affected by these ideas. The driving force was an unspecific discomfort with the economic and social rules.

This driving force firstly motivated the author for a research about the reduction of the hours worked. The insufficient consideration of the demographic change was a stimulus to show that the thesis were nonetheless correct. This was done with success. A scientific system was a spin-off of these efforts. Animated by philosophical studies this system was extended to a system of science. Later the term of the tree of knowledge and the circularity of the subsystems was the inspiration for the artistic transformation. Step by step further levels were added until the model of the universe was reached. This revealed that the universe could be thought as "One and Nothing" according to Friedrich Wilhelm Leibniz.

At this place a circle of the now seven levels arises as for example scientific studies can be reduced to the binary code. The holistic character establishes a kind of world soul because it exceeds the consciousness of individuals. All thoughts and actions of us limited spirits can be put together in an all-embracing context of knowledge gaining within the universe. This was an inspiration for setting the titels: "The World Spirit: A Model of Knowledge Gaining" or "The World Spirit: A Seven-Level World View".