Ralf Einert

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A Seven-Level World View

System of Science

The sum of the sciences and their relations among each other constitute the system of science.

This is symbolised by gaining knowledge resp. the tree of knowledge.

The civilisation brings up thinking humans. Thinking humans reflect about their environment. Mental reflections result in images of the reality or theories. Theories have an impact on practical actions of human beings. Practical actions therefore change the civilisation. The civilisation brings up thinking humans.

This circle can be perpetuated forever. Each repetition leads to a higher step of cognition. The beginning assumes the ability of self-awareness, later the circle can be continued by philosophers. Finally the complexity of the world requires the continuation by the council of the nations to ensure the everlasting peace according to the ideas of Immanuel Kant.

All terms of civilization need a change of perspective to be able to solve the tremendous social problems. The change of perspective should have a Copernican extent.

The first science which is related to the fundaments of gaining knowledge is philosophy as it is the foundation of the system of science. Philosophy is placed at the beginning because all other sciences are deduced from it. The results are objects of philosophical reflections as well. Religion follows as it is very effective in its dogmatism. And last but not least religion requires philosophy as ancillary science to proof God's existence.

Philosophy and religion form the other sciences as the humanities, the natural sciences, the social sciences, the system theory, or the economic sciences. All sciences have many interdependencies and overlappings. As the shown examples were chosen to ensure a good visual image other classifications according to other criteria are possible as well.

Out of each science consequences for practical actions can be deduced:

From the theory deduced principles for practical actions cause a structure similar to the system of science. Practical actions have effects on the environment and change the society. These changes are the basis for reflections of philosophers. Consequently:

Theory (the sciences) and practice (behaviour) as well as
mind (human beings) and matter (the environment) are related to each other.

Theory and pracitce as well as mind and matter are related to each other