Ralf Einert

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A Seven-Level World View

History Course

The tree of knowledge symbolises the possibility for the compensation of the expulsion from paradise by the fall of mankind. Therefore gaining knowledge symbolises the system of science consisting of a number of sciences.

In this respect mankind started with the expulsion from paradise. By that human beings were affected by negative or devilled impacts. The results are the global deprivation, restless labour, and the struggle of the nations.

As this destiny is caused by activity a last resort occurs:

The compensation is possible by knowledge gaining.

Reflecting humans set the basis of knowledge gaining which is symbolised by heaven of ideas. The process has therefore to be considered as mankind's duty.

But knowledge gaining equals a labyrinth:

Who dares to enter the labyrinth seems to be lost as nothing is secure and the way back is blocked by a lack of understanding of the contemporaries. Nevertheless at the end the tree of knowledge appears which gives a hint to mankind how to establish the paradise on earth.

According to the finiteness of existence a transit to the eternity or the hereafter follows. This represents the darkness or the realm of the dead as it is beyond our imagination. But there is a rebirth or resurrection caused by the sequence of the generations. This is the way how our ideals and aims are carried on by our descendants.

Consequently the existence is a circle of birth, sin, knowledge gaining, death, and rebirth.

That is why there might be a mediatory instance between good and evil as both are related to each other. Obviously the good needs the evil as driving force. And if this is true it can be said:

A Lord of Creation must necessarily create even the evil.

The development of mankind caused by the expulsion from paradise can be transferred to societies and individuals:

The paradisiacal primeval societies are seduced by technology and science to an expansion which leads to a hostile clash of civilisation. The rebuilding might could possibly cause democratic communities of enlightened citizens.

Individuals break free from their protected childhood with curious habits. But they will be brought back down to earth soon. This is normally connected with the maturity of the mind. But the death is just waiting.

As the circle of birth, sin, knowledge gaining, death and rebirth seems to be valid for individuals and for societies the life of Jesus Christ as the Son of God could be a metaphor for this as well if it were possible to find a sin in his life.

The history course as a circle of birth, sin, knowledge gaining, death and rebirth.

The history course as circle of birth, sin, knowledge gaining, death and rebirth