Ralf Einert


A Seven-Level World View

World Spirit

The harmonic and holistic character of the world view forms a kind of world soul as the structures and levels reach beyond the consciousness of individuals. Thinking and acting of limited spirits can be put in a system of gaining knowledge within the universe. Therefore the name of this chapter is not only used for this level but also the name for the whole work "The World Spirit" including the "Studies of Economic Change".

This level can be characterized by the supplement: "The World Spirit: A Model of Gaining Knowledge" as well.

The circle of this level is shown by the red arrows:

This relation constitutes a circle which is firstly based on the reality later on it is run through our imagination. The circle contains the following elements:

Heaven - sun - earth - civilization - realm of ideas - world views - image of heaven/universe.

But thinking about possible world view determines our actions as well. This has a direct impact on the environment which has a feedback to the social structures. That's why a shortened circle arises:

Earth - civilization - realm of ideas - world views - change of the earth/environment.

An additional circle is related to possible world views as a result of reflecting limited spirits. The circle is shown in the whole area in the middle of the image of this level:

Because the negative influences of the system of science as the 3rd level by the use of false assumptions and the history course as the 5th level by the fall of mankind have the same origin the circle is closed.

Reflecting limited spirits are excluded by their inner perspective from the external perspective. Therefore their view on the whole system is blocked. The reflecting spirits are from the external perspective only a thought. The charts and blueprints which are integrated in the border of the picture should explain this as they are the basis of the development of the whole work and the 6th level.

Finally the attribute of the whole work is that the structures and elements of the levels of the world view are similar to each other:

All levels are brought up by reflecting spirits and are characterized by their circles and their formation as tree each containing slightly different meanings. Furthermore the sun, the earth, the heaven/universe, and the evil are recurring parts.