Ralf Einert


A Seven-Level World View

World Spirit: Media

We observe the world with the help of our senses. Certainly we can train our senses to a limited extent in order to expand our sensitivity and perception. But science and technology have developed devices and media that can make hidden signals accessible to our senses. These things, whether technical devices or the classic media, are media between reality and subject in order to better understand the world. The devices or media include, for example, books, newspapers, radio, television, the Internet and personal contacts that make ideas and events about space and time accessible to people, as well as devices such as microscopes, telescopes, satellites and various others measuring devices that also reveal imperceptible properties of objects to our senses.

The result is an onion model: In the centre is our consciousness, symbolized by a brain; then follow the senses that receive the sensory stimuli; finally, the media follow that broaden our access to the world; the external framework is lastly the reality that we strive to understand.

Conclusion: Senses and media are a perceptual filter of reality.

Enclosed please find an overview of the elements as started point of the sixth level of the worldview:

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