Ralf Einert


A Seven-Level World View


The WORLD SPIRITS offers different interpretations. Here I would like to highlight the dualisms of nothing and light and also of good and evil.

Dualism of nothing and light:

Dualism of nothing and light

Dualism of good and evil:

Dualism of good and evil

Last words:

The author's first motivation was based on an unspecific discomfort with the economic rules. Therefore the starting point was studies of the possibility to reduce the working hours which expanded to a complete economic system. And this was the link to develop the "Seven-Level World View" as an endless circle. The economic studies show that practical action can be deduced from theoretical analyses. It is obvious that this is also true for the other levels.

The result of the circle of the economic system is for instance the evidence of the banal und absurd sounding theses that reduced working hours and increased wages lead to a maximum welfare in leisure-oriented society. The core message there is that declining economic growth rates according to the "law" of diminishing marginal utility meet with increasing labour productivity rates according to the idea of the evolution theory. The alternatives are maximum welfare in a leisure-oriented society or full employment connected with poverty. This statement requires to repeat the circle and to open the discourse to the public. Similar the society and the world change their appearance as everything is connected with everything. The "Seven-Level World View" show the system boundary of the economic studies and their direct and indirect impact on the universe. This should invite you to look for alternatives and a change of perspectives of all human aspects in our society.

The "Studies of Economic Change" as an example of a science constitute the second part of this website.

Though this work was done without institutional integration it has matured to a professional achievement. But such an enterprise is a never ending story as the circle has to be repeated again and again. This means that there are many possibilities to adjust and develop this subject for example by animating a "Voyage through the Universe", by making a teaching film, by optimizing and updating the website, by the quantifying the economic analyses, by confirming the thesis and assumptions, by analyzing the international consequences, and by preparing the content for laymen.

Thinking and acting of us limited spirits can be put in a global relation of gaining knowledge by this subject. Therefore gaining knowledge for its own sake is essential to create a human world. It is consequently worthless gaining knowledge because of material interests.

With the help of this world view each individual as little he or she might appear in relation to the universe is able to perceive his or her importance within the creation. The "Seven-Level World View" enables you to imagine this as a "Voyage through the Universe". All this underlines the inviolability of dignity of man.